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Self Paced Study Products

AeroEd is very excited and pleased to announce our Self-Paced Study line of training manuals. These books are offered for two levels of learning: manuals and certification. We offer several airframes in General Familiarization treatment. This is a groundbreaking departure for the AMT Training Community. Our developers are constantly working on new books and test questions. More will be availible on-line soon. Call 585-935-7239 for pricing and availiblity details. Coming soon is the 767-200. The books work great as standalone guides, or as part of a larger, more comprehensive training package.

General Familiarization Manuals

General Familiarization Manuals are study guides covering a general approach to each model aircraft.  They are great tools for review, new hires, pre-requisite training, and preparations for systems level classes which will benefit students, technicians, teachers, MRO training departments, and airlines alike.  These manuals can be made available to students from your bookstore and department library.

Beyond the manuals, students may enroll in a self study certificate program in each aircraft and obtain an FAA approved certificate of completion and 40 hours of FAA AMT Awards Credits, guaranteeing their resumes on top of the pile.  

To purchase individual sets of books, please contact our exclusive distributor, Aircraft Technical Book Company for ordering information. Schools considering offering a General Familiarization elective to their standard A&P curriculum; should call Bill White at AeroEd at 585 935-7239



See Aircraft Technical Book Company

for Pricing Details






















777 (Intro$) 5 Buy





Educational Discounts are Availible for Qualifying Schools and Volume Purchasers

We are offering two levels of training with these manuals. The first level of training is the manual as a stand alone general familiarization tool. The multi-volume sets are a terrific basic level introduction to the airframes they cover.

Certificate Package w/ General Familiarization Study Guide

The second level of the course is with a Certificate Package that is availible at an incremental cost. Successful completion of his course qualifies for 40 hours FAA AMT Awards Program credit for an FAA certificated mechanics or repairmen, technicians, instructors, and students. Information for registration is included in this book. For more information on the program contact your local FSDO Airworthiness Safety Program Manager. Click HERE for purchase information on single copies of the Certification Program, please call for multiple orders.

This course is a tremendous value to all AMTs; fromthe independent contractors looking to get a resume to the top of the pile, or for the MRO shops and their contractors that need to add to their qualifications but can't afford to take the AMTs out of the hangar and into the classroom.

Call for details! Courses include self-paced study guide, email support from an FAA licensed AP Instructor, chapter quizzes, and a final exam. Upon Successful completion and minimum passing grade on the final exam the student will recieve an official Certificate of Completion.

AeroEd is proud to be the first to offer this stand alone Aircraft General Familiarization Course.

No longer will you have to dedicate a specific resource and pull your most valuable asset (your Maintenance Technician) out of the production work force to sit in class for 40 hours to learn the basics of a particular fleet type.

Our course is designed to be accomplished in the technicians’ spare time, or if you wish during a dedicated time you set aside at your discretion.

The goal of this program is to give the maintenance technician an overview of the aircraft. This overview includes the following:
1. A basic look at Maintenance Manual construction
2. An overview of the aircraft dimensions and its construction
3. A brief synopsis of the system operation to include component function and location
4. A generic look at how servicing is accomplished on the components which need to be serviced on a day to day basis
5. A generic overview of how to operate the systems we use to service the aircraft

As with any General Familiarization Course our goal has been to expose the technician to the information needed to accomplish the basics of servicing the aircraft with safety and confidence. The second goal is to prepare the technician, after having spent some time gaining experience on this specific fleet for the next level of training: the AeroEd Instrucor-Led Systems Course.

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