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About AeroEd Aircraft Maintenance Control Services

AeroEd is pleased to offer the Services associated with an Aircraft Maintenance Control Center.

Within the airline industry this function may be commonly referred to as the OCC, MOC, SAMC, AMC, MCC and other acronyms used to signify the maintenance control center of an airline.

AeroEd can supply your organization with FAA licensed A&P mechanics who are specifically fleet qualified to meet your needs. Most of our personnel have attended the OEM factory training classes and/or actually been employed as aircraft maintenance controllers for major airlines.

Today, AeroEd has available on staff aircraft controllers for the following fleet types: 
DC6, DC7, DC8, DC10
B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777
Airbus A320 Family (A318 through A321 and ACJ)

Please call for other fleet types as we are adding capability quickly.

Our maintenance control personal will be able to seamlessly slip into your airlines control center with a minimum of your specific training requirements.

If you suddenly have a need for aircraft maintenance controllers due to unplanned personnel turnovers, legal requirements, expansion opportunities, family leave emergencies, vacation relief or a host of other short term needs, AeroEd can supply qualified people on very short notice depending upon your specific requirements.

Are you an expanding airline and see a need for a new maintenance control office? Call us; we have experienced staff personnel who have been involved with the setup of major airline maintenance control facilities.

AeroEd also offers consulting services for maintenance control, planning, design and training requirements. We can be very flexible in meeting your specific needs and can help with a single person desk to multiple fleet requirements.

For additional technical information for your maintenance control requirements telephone AeroEd - Dave Launchbury at 510-435-4087 Pacific Standard Time. AeroEd can offer you many services related to aircraft training, I will be happy to chat with you.

For information, contract requirements and other ways in which AeroEd can offer value added services to your airline call AeroEd Bill White at 585-935-7239 Eastern Standard Time.


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