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Borescope Training

Borescope Training for Part 121 Certificate Holders (Part 145s, please see our sister company for Inspection Service) are availible on the following Engines:

  • PW4052/56/60
  • PW4077/84/90
  • PW4168
  • PW2000
  • JT9D Series
  • JT8D Series
  • JT8D Nine Can Inspection
  • CFM56 Series
  • CF6-6/50/80 Series
  • V2500 Series (Available Line and Base)
  • RB211
  • Tay
  • Spey

Borescope Inspection Training is an important component to the services of a full featured maintenance operation. AeroEd's seasoned and expert instructors are availible to teach the ins and outs on just about every popular engine type operating today. We can provide a borescope fundamentals course for inexperienced AMTs and then build on that with specific training for required engine types.

For Inspections, click below for our sister company:
AeroEd Inspection Services, LLC
FAA Part 145 Licensed Repair Station
Limited Powerplant
CRS# O64R443Y
Borescope Remote Visual Inspection for Powerplants

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